What is Monacoin?

Wednesday May 9th, 2018

MonaCoin is an open source digital currency, a peer-to-peer payment network.
The block chain started on January 1, 2014.

Transaction processing speed is six times bit coin. Monacoin was the first to implement the technology “Segwit” in the world for the first time.

In October 2017, individual investors sent monacoin promotional videos to the huge screen of Akihabara.

Monacoin is practically used as “currency”.
For example, you can also shop at a market site where you can buy or sell digital content such as illustration or manga, a service that can send Monacoin to your opponent on Twitter, a real personal computer shop etc.

In January 2018 I succeeded in atomic swap.


Specifications :-
– Lyra2RE
– 1.5 minute block targets
– subsidy halves in 1051k blocks (~3 years)
– ~105,120,000 total coins
– 25 coins per block
– DigiShield difficulty algorithm
– No Premine

Monacoin Project Official: https: // monacoin.org /


Great part of Monacoin

1. Processing speed in trading is fast
Transaction processing speed is about six times bit coin.
Currently, Segwit, which is a trial and error technology of many crypto currency parties, has been implemented for the first time in the world.
This is technology to compress the transaction size and speed up the processing speed.
You often hear clogged remittance of bit coins, do not you?
If it is Monacoin it hardly occurs.


2. Practical as currency already
You can also request illustrations on the net and food items.
If you are an actual store you can also buy a personal computer. (Monacoin was introduced at the same time as bit coin settlement)


3. Listed on major crypto currency selling offices, exchanges authorized by the Financial Services Agency
Currently, handling crypto currency handling monacoin in Japan are bitbank.cc, Zaif, BitFlyer.
(BitFlyer will be “sales office” so it is expensive)
Basically, when Japanese exchanges handle crypto  currencies, the main condition is that the currency itself is posted on the “White List” defined by the Financial Services Agency. ※ Some exceptions
In other words, Monacoin can be used by the Financial Services Agency! It is approved.
(The information on the exchange is as of February 22, 2018)


4. Communities among users are thriving
In some, I call people who have Monacoin = Monacoin Holder = Mona Coiner. Monacoiners are passionate, setting image characters, forming communities online, periodic off-club meetings, online shops and introductions in real stores. In addition, it is a feature that you can easily trade to a specific user by using “tipmona”.

create by: Mr./Ms.waresen coasters (@ waresencoaster)

Online community “Monappy”
Temporary service “tipmona”
Mona coin bot (@ tipmona)


5. The technology is amazing
Monacoin stated that it was the first in the world to succeed “segwit”.
In addition, in January 2018, it is a coin that you can successfully atomic swap few cases in the virtual currency, and you can expect great technical value.
Of course there are also wallet applications for Android and iOS.
In short, you can afford the settlement with a smartphone!


In other words, Monacoin has already been put into practical use and it is a highly promising crypto currency.
Other, please see the main history of Monacoin from here.


*The program is developed by Monacoinproject, but it does not issue or manage coins.
*Monacoinproject is not related to current · former 2channel operation and affiliated company at all.