How to get Mona

Sunday May 13th, 2018

How to get Monacoin?
Will give some examples.

1. Buy at exchanges / sales offices (exchange)
Currently, it is possible to purchase and exchange at major exchanges / sales offices in Japan, and listing on overseas exchanges is still to come. As of February 2018, the pairs confirmed are as follows.

MONA ⇔ Zeny

bit bank

bitFlyer ビットコインを始めるなら安心・安全な取引所で


* DOGE denominated purchase will be overseas exchanges.


2. Receive


3. Gain as consideration for goods, works, services

  • Illustrations, goods, and services are shown at payment in the community site “Monappy
  • Introduced as a means of settlement of stores using Wallet.


4. Mine
There are various ways of mining.
Mining with a personal computer at hand, mining with a smartphone if you feel like that.
Recently a method called cloud mining came out.
There is also a balance with the electricity bill (there are also cases where income and expenses can not be taken), so please be careful.
I will skip the detailed method.


This is the method of obtaining the main Monacoin.