Useful links

Sunday March 11th, 2018

Monacoin official
Monacoin’s official website
You can also download the official wallet from here.


The great monacoiner community (operated by Monappy@monacoin)
Web Wallet, diary, image, goods / job buying and selling functions and lots.
Chip function is installed, it becomes more convenient when Twitter linkage.


Bulletin board (administrator: Ask Mona administrator)
Ask questions and answers by setting topics on bulletin boards.
I can get and send Monacoin.


In cooperation with Twitter, you can easily send Monacoin. (Author: Palon)
By linking Twitter and Monappy it is possible to manage balance from Monappy.
(Tipmona is not a service managed by Monappy, it is a bot in which individuals are running in non-profit.)


Monaison can find the use of Monacoin (manager: Nobuo_CREATE)
You can find Web services, shops, creators, etc.
Entries should proceed from membership registration.


It is possible to search shops that can be settled with Monacoin from all over the world. (Author:retoruto_carry )
It uses Google Maps.
Those who thought that “Our shop can settle in Monacoin!” Register by all means.
Of course, we will be waiting for entries from abroad as well.


Mobile wallet
Coinomi Wallet :: Bitcoin Ethereum Altcoins Tokens
Mobile wallet for Android (author: Coinomi)
We can handle almost 80 types of currencies.

Android · iOS compatible. (developer:@Mona_Wallet)
Wallet specialized for Monacoin. Also supports Apple Watch.

Android · iOS support (developer:@monya_wallet)
There is also a browser version.
Multiple currency correspondence.

Monya YEN!
Monacoin yen conversion sending tool (author:jasmin343)

From the beginning you can easily convert QR codes, convert those with price fixed in Japanese yen to the current MONA rate.
Please use your own monappyID or twitterID.
It is active for many purposes such as goods sale and real store.