Use MONA as a business

Saturday July 27th, 2019

This page is an article for companies and individuals explaining payment with Monacoin.

For companies that are considering Monacoin payment, please look in the middle of the page.

(Consumer view) Can Monacoin actually be used?

Yes. there are many.

It is possible to pay MONA as it is at a real shop such as a restaurant, restaurant, etc., such as Monappy.

About the shop which can be used actually can be confirmed on the page here, and I introduce it regularly on this site.

Please use ‘MONYA’ or ‘MonaWallet’ etc which promptly confirms payment at real store!




(Business view) Is it difficult to pay by Monacoin?

According to the procedure, understanding the setting is not difficult.

The application that this site recommends is “MONYA”.

Since a password is multiplied at the time of remittance, it can be shared by multiple staff.

Only the person responsible for knowing Web Wallet password can settle payment …
It will not be said that.




*MonaWallet is designed for individuals. However, there is no problem if there is only one person in charge.



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