@tipmona announces service outages after September 10, 2019

Since February 2014, mona’s tip service “@tipmona“, which had been running for five years, announced today that it will cease service on or after September 10, 2019, today announced.

There are two things to recognize at the present time.

  • Withdraw mona by September 10, 2019.
  • Avoid tip by @ tipmona afterwards so that the receiver does not forget to withdraw mona.

Introducing alternative mona tipbot.




You can check balance, withdraw and deposit mona byDM.

How to




English is standard, operation at the portal site is possible.
※ withdraw at the portal site will be implemented in the future.

How to


Both of them can tip by Tweet. Note that each command is different.

In the past articles and materials on this website, in the description based on @tipmona, we plan to add / modify the end of service step by step.


Thank you so much for everything!