Monacoin will hold prize money ‘Pokemon Battle Mona Colosseum’

Total amount 100 MONA!
Monacoin Diffusion Project: “Pokemon Battle Mona Colosseum” will be held.

* No participation fee.
* Winning prize varies according to the rank you applied.
* Held until reserve fund disappeared.
* Held in Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, confrontation with sponsorship. You can challenge further rank after the second time.

* It is non-profit activity of the prize money prepared by individual organizer + management by donation.
※ Sorry,please check with organizer for correspondence other than Japanese.


(Abstract of sponsorship summary)

Outline of the event
Start date April 1, 2018 (Sun) ~
End date: Planning pool money (Mona) becomes 0, until the end notice from the organizer.
Holidays: every other Saturday (only at night), every Sunday, holiday
Holding time: Pre-adjusted between organizer and challenger
Participants: Each first come first served Saturday 1 person / day Sunday / 2 public holidays / day
Participation Fee: Free
Organized by: Rena Kagura
※ This project is made up of the organizer’s own expense or donation.
※ All challenger competitors will be the organizer.
※ The notation will be in Japan time.

Rules are defined by rank, so please confirm details on the sponsored page .



3/19 postscript
Since the donation exceeded 50 Mona it seems that the Ultra rank even above the gorgeous rank will be lifted.