Can send crypto currency and Japanese yen in 3 seconds! “Cheering chip” .

If you have a Twitter account, a service that can chip 14 kinds of crypto currency + yen in 3 seconds appears.

If you look at Monacoin in the past, you have to enter the tip every time like “@ tipmona tip @ ** amount”.

With this service, it is possible for the recipient to make simple settings, saving the trouble of designating a bot account and inputting various commands.





Easy to set up.
And English correspondence.


Set up

1.Go to the site


2.Enter your Twitter ID. (Including @)


3.OUENTIP “Receiver” is completed.


4. Press “Tweet” to display the following screen.


5.That’s all there is to it.

*Paste tag for website
*QR Code

It is completed together.
By publishing it on various profiles, sending time can be saved considerably.



1.When stepping on the link published by the recipient, you will see a screen to select “Coins you want to send”.

2.Tap the icon of the coin you want to send and you will see the following screen.(Example: Send Monacoin)

In the case of Monacoin, the initial setting of tip is 0.02MONA.

Just after tweeting, tip transmission is finished for those who want to send.
(The sender needs to make a deposit in advance.)


↓ Actually it will be this (clickable)

* Please do not click on those who do not want to send it even if it is nauseous to an administrator.



In addition, there is a mysterious “GOKKO” button, but please push those who are worrisome.



I registered “@ tipmona tip” as a dictionary on a smartphone and used a tip.
But this can be sent easily!