Dellorian can be bought at Monacoin!

The time machine “Derolian” that appears in the movie “Back to the Future” became available for purchase in the bit coin, earmalium, bit coin cache, eurament classic, light coin, Monacoin crypto currency and Derolian Motor Company Announced.


There are three sales types.

  • Delorian Time Machine 2015 Model 11.66million yen (including various charges)
  • Delorian Time Machine 1985 Model 10.36 million yen (including various charges)
  • Delorian Time Machine 1955 Model 10.58 million yen (including various charges)


Sales company (Delorian Motor Co., Ltd.)


Already, correspondence has started on March 22, 2018.
Waiting for purchase from Marty and Dok which are seeing this article.



※ Can not go to the past or the future. :)