A service that can ask questions by giving Monacoin “monabako” beta version released!

A beta version of the Q & A service “monabako” that the questioner can ask with a Monacoin can be inquired.

Cooperation with Twitter, throwing Monacoin to respondents, very easy to use service. How to use is very easy.

1. Register with Monacbako.
2. Followers have a question with Monacoin.
3. If you answer, you will receive Monacoin.


Answers to questions are published on Twitter.
※ It is not essential to attach Monacoin.
* Since it is currently beta version, specifications may be changed.
* Let’s ask questions to the extent that respondents do not become uncomfortable.


Operation/Engineer  @tanaka_bot_1
デザイナー @nyantarou_mona


Already on the Twitter timeline, opinions are coming up that “various applications will benefit.”

The answer of the inquiry content accumulates on Twitter as it is, so it seems that companies will apply as simple FAQ.