The crypto currency “MonaCoin” is the prize money Online game tournament “BR: MGT 2018 1ST” It will be held on Saturday, February 24!

Saturday February 24th, 2018

MONAPPY GAMES(in Japan)on February 24 (Saturday) “Stunlock Studios” was a cash currency “MonaCoin (MONA)” prize money in online game “BATTLERITE” developed and operated Holding online tournaments.

BATTLERITE MonaCoin Gamers Tournament (also known as BR: MGT) is an informal meeting of “BATTLERITE” organized by MONAPPY GAMES.

MONAPPY GAMES adopts the crypto currency “MonaCoin (MONA)” for the event prize money.
Personal information at the time of remittance is unnecessary, it is completed with a slight fee and time. Exchange to legal tender currency or settle in direct online shop or real store is also possible Maximize the merit of crypto currency.
[cryptio currency × e-sports] The theme is a theme, holding various games title tournaments.
There are few examples of crypto currency in e-sports prize money in Japan.
This tournament by BATTLERITE is the third time this time, the prize amount also rises from the past.
In addition, viewers can make a direct contribution to players during the tournament.
Please also see how the incredible battle and MonaCoin flies.

■ Information to be held
Holding date: (GMT)9:00 on Saturday, February 24, 2018
Scheme: Single Illumination Tournament
Number of recruitment teams (max): 64 teams

Commentary: KusaruN (@ Kusaru _ FPS)
Organized by: MONAPPY GAMES (

Competition distribution channel:
Competition dedicated Discord channel:


※ All viewing can be seen for free.
※ The above schedule may be changed without notice.
※ The competition will be in progress in Japanese.

■ Competition prize money (total amount of about 70,000 JPY)
Winning team: MonaCoin with a market price of 40,000 JPY
Second runner team: MonaCoin with a market price of 20,000 JPY
3rd place winning team: MonaCoin equivalent to the market price of 10,000 JPY
Participation Award: 0.2 MonaCoin
※ MonaCoin of prize money is established with donation by volunteers.


Please see the following special site for details about the tournament
▼Monappy Official Website

▼Monappy Official Twitter