How to tipMONA at TwitCasting.

Monday April 30th, 2018

Do you know TwitCasting?

TwitCasting is a place where you can watch live broadcasts from PC and smartphones or watch live broadcasts.
TwitCasting = 20 million people in the world
TwitCast now has tip from viewers to broadcasters with Monacoin.

How to

1. Choose “Login → Account menu” in the upper right.



2. Scroll down the account menu screen and select “Wallet”.



3.Select “Manage” to the right of the Monacoin icon. (Red frame)


4.TwitCasting Account Wallet in Monacoin is automatically created.
Will remit Monacoin from deposit to TwitCasting’s Wallet.

*It may take a few minutes to linger.

5. Return to the account menu. Tip is linked to “Japanese tea” of item.
Please operate the red arrow part and decide the value of tip per one time.
Finally, select the red frame part, the setting is completed.


Let’s tip it actually during the broadcast!

Items with tip will be sent from the red arrow.
Please press “Item”.

7. Will send you the tea with the mark of Monacoin.


that’s all!


*When you throw items with MONA, you need to have TwitCasting’s points.
*It may take from 10 minutes to 15 minutes until items with values are thrown in the broadcast.
*Fees are “free” for free.
* Twitcasting’s points can also be purchased using MONA.
※ Also planned for BTC.