Info provision

Monday December 30th, 2019

Monacuration is looking for a wide range of information and press releases on Monacoin.

  • “We started Monacoin settlement at our company”
  • “We made monaco in goods”
  • “I made a smartphone about Monacoin”

It is fine as well.
Individuals and corporations are not questioned at all. We will consider posting positively.

We will introduce it on this site in appropriate categories such as news or press releases.


* If you do not meet the requirements of the press release, we may not post it.
* When judging that the posted information is inappropriate for publication, there is a case that we will not post it.
* Please be careful of misspellings because we will quote sentences and images as they are.
* If only English is provided, only English articles will be eligible for publication.
* It does not guarantee publication immediately.
* We will not notify you when posting, so please be aware.


Information provision is here.