What is Mpurse?

Saturday January 4th, 2020

What is Mpurse?

Mparse is a wallet for MONA and XMP, and an extension to Chrome or FireFox.

Both private keys (Passphrase) and signatures are completely user managed.

Note: Developer Tadajam’s development blog


Differences between Mpurse based AskMona 3.0 and conventional AskMona
*AskMONA is a Web bulletin board service that allows users to easily chip in MONA, and there was a possibility that the service would be shut down due to legal restrictions.

Because it contained MONA wallets that could be thrown at each other on the bulletin board, there was a possibility that it was essentially a custody service provider. (= The customer’s assets were kept.)

AskMona 3.0
AskMona 3.0 only works with Mpurse, and MONA ’ s wallet, which is tossed within the message board, is user-controlled. (= Customer assets not held) In other words, it does not apply to custody service providers.
In addition, Mpurse is used for the login information, thereby successfully simplifying the procedure.


What’s great about Mpurse
  • In addition to sending money from the address input of the conventional wallet, you can also send money according to the user who uses the service.
  • Seamless remittance is possible.
  • Not only AskMona 3.0, but other related services are expected to appear.


How to Synchronize (Import) Mparse

Mpurse can be synchronized (Import) from other terminals using the following procedure.

*Please prepare a passphrase in advance.

*Please finish installing from Chrome or FireFox extension beforehand.

  1. Click on the Mparse icon in the upper right corner of the browser and the following consent screen will appear, so click “Accept”.
  2. When the password entry screen appears, set it and click “Create”.
  3. When the new wallet is complete and the passphrase appears, click “import” in the red box.
  4. Enter your old Mpurse passphrase, check the box and click “Save”.
  5. The import is complete.