How to Odairoid.

Saturday February 23rd, 2019

On May 10, 2018, the account “Odairoid 001” appeared on Twitter.



Anyone can submit your theme, and anyone can answer your questions freely.
Outline of usage is as follows.

【Post Theme】

  1. MONA to Odairoid 001 with tipmona.
  2. Set the theme, deadline, prize amount and tweet to Odairoid 001.
  3. Automatically distribute prize money from Odairoid 001 to respondents. (by tipmona)


  1. Find your tweets from Odairoid 001.
  2. You will reply to the theme for Odairoid 001.
  3. People who saw your reply do “RT” + “Like”.
  4. After the deadline, the total of “RT” and “Like” becomes the score and the set prize money is distributed. (by tipmona)

【Distribution example of prize】
Total prize  11 MONA
Top 5 participants
A (total score 5) … 5 MONA GET
B (total score 3) … 3 MONA GET
C (total score 2) … 2 MONA GET
D (total score 1) … 0.5 MONA GET
E (total score 1) … 0.5 MONA GET


【Post a theme】
Use the tip bot to give the prize money for the title to Odairoid 001.
Write the theme behind the command.
It will be overlooked, be careful with the number of characters.

@monatipbot tip @odairoid_001 30 TL:3D XEM Please draw an illustration of XEM!

“TL: 3D” … the deadline is set to 3 days. (“TL: 1 H” and the deadline is 1 hour)
Also, commands are different on chip bot. To avoid mistakes, we encourage the use of the Odairoid portal’s submission form.

Odairoid portal’s


Also, if you win within the top five superb,

You will receive a prize money via Tipbot.
How it works: Odairoid 001 automatically sends commands to Tipbot> Tipbot sends you a Tip.


I am not confident in Japanese.
Machine translation OK as well! As it is in English OK! Let’s communicate!

NEM knows. What is MONA, ZNY, KOTO?
It is a crypto currency from Japan. As an example of available exchanges,

>>MONA/ZNY CryptoBridge
>>KOTO Crex24
and so on.

What is TipBot?
It is a bot that can easily send and receive encryption currency within Twitter.
※ Please do not use as wallet.
Odairoid 001 uses the following Tipbot.


@monatipbot (momonachan)

ZNY:@zenytips (rinhimechan)

XEM:@tipnem (nemrinchan)

KOTO:@tipkotone (kotonechan)

Let’s enjoy Odairoid 001!