Virtual YouTuber “Okuri Mona” was born.

Virtual Yotuber (Vtuber), which handles crypto currency, came out.

Her name is MONA OKURI.

*Oku is means billion in Japan.




Yes,so cute.


The first posting video is a little over three minutes.
My introduction is main.
Below, excerpts from the profile.


Words of greeting:「Chao.」

Hobby:crypto currency(However, it is not said that it is only Monacoin.)

In the channel deal with the method of opening exchange and the latest information.

I would like to talk about non-virtual currencies as the number of subscribers increases.

Crypto currency history:1 year

Favorite food:Pancake (favorite things with blueberries and strawberries)

Disliked food: chanja (poor at hot things)

Personality: Bright and gentle (although it seems to change during trading)

Male type of favorite: Person with grip strength. (We are not good at letting going away.)…That is, it is a holder.

Other Hobby: Cooking and reading. She cook every day. She can also bake pancakes.


Favorite word:moon


I do not publish a word with monacoin in her video, but on Twitter profile MONA is written.

The cryptographic currency history is one year.

It seems to post a video at 20 o’clock on Friday every day in Japan time.