Monacoin’s Android, iOS Wallet has been released.

Friday February 23rd, 2018

In addition to Monacoin, the Crypto Currency wallet generally has the following means.

  1. Web Wallet
    It is something to keep on an exchange or another website. It is a storage. method with high hacking risk.
  2. Paper wallet
    It is “paper” that describes the circumstances of your wallet.
  3. Hardware wallet
    Information recorded in a shape like a flash memory.
  4. Software wallet
    Installed on PC or smartphone.

For Monacoin, a wallet for smartphones is released so that you can pay for it on the go.It is 4. above.
There are several types of mobile wallet, but I will write recommendation.


For Android only

Coinomi Wallet :: Bitcoin Ethereum Altcoins Tokens

Since you can handle almost 80 kinds of currencies, please do not mistake the address designation.


For Android and iOS


Wallet specialized for Monacoin. Also supports Apple Watch.


Monya (There is also a browser version, the iOS version will be added to the home without going through AppStore)

Multiple currency correspondence. It looks cute.
The iOS version does not go through AppStore, but it is safe because it is open source.
(It was difficult for developers to publish to AppStore due to various circumstances)

Convenient mobile wallet makes it easier for you to make payment dramatically.
Please try installing and configuring.