“Monacuration” has been opened

Thursday February 22nd, 2018

The English version of this site will be made public with automatic translation.
I am sorry for difficult point to read.


Thank you for seeing Monacuration.
It is an administrator of this site.

This site will send news and events of the virtual currency “Monacoin” (MONA) from Japan.
Although it is the position of the so-called curation site,

* It is a virtual currency from Japan
* It is handled in domestic virtual currency exchange (sales office)
* The community is active and established as a currency
* Many expert class technicians
* Looks cute

I would like to make it a site that will convey the charm of Monacoin like this.

In addition, this site is a beta version for a while.
While thinking about convenience, I will scramble the site menus and multilingual support later.
(Overseas there was little information about Monacoin, I also wanted to send information to the outside)
Also, the manager also has many points of lack of study.
While fumbling, we will gradually add hands, so please loose together.
Thanking you in advance.